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Every week, we do research within your niche to give you the best resources to grow your social media.

Imagine your life where you have more time to focus on your business because you start posting stress-free with our strategies and post ideas.

We find trending audio for your niche and create Reels & TikTok templates that are pre-synced to the audio, so you can create strategic posts in minutes – you just have to pop in images. Yes! All you need are images, but videos work too of course.

in 3-5 min!

7 new
video templates
every week, pre-synced to the audio + post ideas for your specific biz niche!

did you know?!

Not every audio on Instagram works on business accounts! 

That’s why we double-check all IG audios on a business account to ensure compatibility! *

And we create on-beat templates for all the audios 📈

peek inside

works on all devices!

Inside PRO you'll find

✦ 7 new Reels & TikTok Templates Trending with a matching Audio every week.

✦ Post ideas for every day – for your specific business niche!

✦ We find all the audios on both Reels & TikTok, so you can use the same templates on both platforms, save time & maximize your reach 📈

✦ Audio Archive with over 100 of the latest templates + matching audio.

Niche specific post ideas for all the templates & audios in the Audio Archive.

✦ Style Selection to help you build your social-brand like a professional.

✦ B-roll Bank with trendy videos, and unlimited downloads so you can use the videos in your content.

✦ Video Vault with curated collections of aesthetic videos.

✦ Features to save & categorize templates and audios in your own collections, to easily keep track of favorites, used, clients etc.

✦ Caption Catalog with over 200 strategic caption templates.

✦ 20 categories of caption categories, each for a different business scenario – so you’ll always know what to write.

Tutorials for everything you need to know in the club.

BONUSES! Story Covers & Story Buttons to increase brand awareness, boost engagement on your stories with CTAs.

✦ Our Reels & TikTok planner with automatic feed preview – created in Google Sheets.

✦ All the templates + story Covers & Story Buttons are created in Canva so they’re 100% customizable to your brand. 

✦ All you need is a FREE Canva account & it works in your phone, tablet or laptop 😍 

Help chat to get straight into our priority inbox ✨ 

packed with bonuses

Inside the club you’ll find our one of a kind, 100% customizable templates to cover every aspect of your social branding on Instagram & TikTok + our very own Reels & TikTok planner with automatic feed preview ✨

Peek inside the style selection
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The Style Selection will help you level up your branding & look more professional.

our very own b-roll bank with hundreds of trendy videos
Video vault with additional curated collections of Aesthetic video

A constant growing selection of video collections that are perfect to use as b-roll in our templates.

100% customizable story covers

Story Covers will help build brand awareness & make viewers remember your brand.

Transform your stories from boring to on-brand

Use Story Buttons to elevate story engagement towards reels.

Social media planner

Get lifetime access to our best-selling Google Sheets Planner with automatic feed preview for both feed & reels tab.

how much money will you save as a member?

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30 minutes
(Include all the time you put in on filming, finding audio, editing etc.)

50 USD / h will save you $625
every month!

And you'll start posting Reels DAILY!

Based on that you think your time is worth $50 /h, you usually put 30 minutes per reel, and that each video only takes 5 minutes to create with our templates - based on months of our testing 🥰

double your reach!

If you want to grow on Instagram, we all know Reels is the way to go. But do you know the easiest way to double your reach?

Post your Reels created with our templates on TikTok as well!

But… Have you ever tried finding the same trending audio you can actually use for both Instagram Reels & TikTok?

Then you know – it’s hard – and takes sooo much time 😫

That’s why we do it for you! 

So you can focus on what you do best – your business 😊 

Important note: Annie is a major tea drinker, and Fanny is chugging that coffee, always.

meet the creators

Annie & Fanny

Annie and Fanny are social media experts and the brains behind They have helped countless businesses grow their online presence and have achieved millions of views on their Reels.

They created to support female entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of Reels and TikTok without spending hours on content creation or hiring a full-time social media manager.

Not only have they helped hundreds of businesses with social media, but they’ve also grown their own Instagram accounts, recently the account @by.Annie.N from 0 to 100k in less than 10 months!

real results

From what we’ve seen over and over, the engagement you can get on reels is unmatched compared to any other type of content on Instagram. Where else can you reach MILLIONS of people from just one post and no ad-spend? 

Here are some results from reels we’ve created:

you don't need a huge following to start seeing results!

Look at one of our members @pinchos.trelleborg’s stats:

This is the month before they joined, and their very first month in the club!

With their tiny account, they got 10k more organic reach JUST THE FIRST MONTH 🎉

The month before joining 46% of reach came from ads 😬
The first month as members only 0.5% came from ads – which means they also saved ad spend by joining 😍

we've got you!

If you ever need help in the club, just use our help chat to jump straight into our priority inbox 🥰

Nearly every niche! Here’s the full list:



Perfect for digital based businesses such as Designer, Copywriter, Photographer, SMM, VA, Web Developer, other digital services etc.



Perfect for Beauty Salon, Brow artist, Lash artist, Nail technician, Skin care expert, Hairstylist, Makeup artist etc.


Within Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Food, Interior Design.
Or lifestyle with bits from all of the above.


Perfect for Gym, Personal Trainer, Workout inspo etc.


Such as Realtor, Cleaning company, Car service company etc.


If you want to get access to all categories and post to your clients accounts, and all accounts you manage.


Immediately when you sign up, you’ll get access to the membership area where you’ll find all the trends & features 🥰


Immediately when you sign up, you’ll get access to the membership area where you’ll find this week’s trends – as well as the 100 latest trends in the Audio Archive 🥰


You will receive an email with weekly updates every Monday, 6 PM CET (18:00 CET).


You can download all videos in very high quality, most are 4K resolution! ✨

You will receive an email with weekly updates every Monday, 6 PM CET (18:00 CET), and you can find the updates on your account.


Yes, within the Audio Archive you have access to our 100 latest trending audio and templates to match! 😍


All you need is images! The templates automatically create the videos for you, perfectly synced to the audio.

Of course, you can also use video clips in the templates as well ✨ 


No! All you need is a Free Canva account, and a Free Google account – No need for any other props either!


For Pro – 90 day money back guarantee.

We offer a ’90 day money back guarantee’ that entitles you to a full refund if you’ve used our templates to post daily on Instagram, and haven’t seen increased follower count, provided you have adhered to the terms outlined in our Terms of Purchase (here).

To be eligible to use the money back guarantee, send us a screenshot of your Instagram account and a link to your Instagram account within 7 days after your purchase and make sure to post daily using our templates, following our recommendations for 3 months.

If you wish to use the money back guarantee, simply submit your request no later than 120 days (4 months) after your purchase (joining the club) 😊

Yes! You can cancel at any time at no additional charge. You will still have access for the remainder of the time you paid for 😊 


Due to the nature of digital products being immediately accessible upon purchase, we do not allow for returns or refunds under any circumstances. However, we do offer a 90-day money-back guarantee that entitles you to a full refund of your first 3 months if our templates do not yield results as stated in our terms, provided you comply with our our Terms of Purchase

Just reach out via the GET HELP tab in the member area and you’ll get straight into our priority inbox!

Or contact us via email, and we’ll do our best to help 😊 


you get all of this!

reeeltok laptop (800 × 500 px)
caption catalog

Access to our Caption Catalog with over 200 caption templates, categorized for different business scenarios!

Audio Archive

Access to our Audio Archive with over 100 of the latest trending audio and templates for your niche to match + features to save audio & templates to your own collections.

done-for-you templates

Receive 7 pre-made Reels templates each week, perfectly synced to trending audio. Simply customize with your images, save, and your Reel is ready to go!

Weekly game plan

A game plan with 7 post ideas specific to your niche to match each day’s template.

7 new sounds every week!

Get links to trending audio for both Reels and TikTok, curated by us.

Reels & TikTok planner

A comprehensive digital planner with automatic feed preview, stats, hashtag manager, and more to help you stay organized. PS. This is perfect to share with clients if you’re a social media manager – it even has features for clients to approve posts ✨

content planner sun
Printable Social Media Planner

BONUS PLANNER: Even though social media is digital, everything doesn’t have to be, right? 😉 We’ve created this stunning planner that you can download and print.

Yearly Printable Statistics Chart

BONUS CHART: If you prefer to track your growth with pen & paper – use this printable statistics chart for your clients or your own account 😊

b-roll bank

Get access to our trendy unique b-roll videos!

In the club you’ll find our B-ROLL BANK, with hundreds of our own videos that are ‘on trend’ and free to use as a member!

More videos and collections dropping regularly in the club.

admin &
using phone




& cocktails

& europe travel

self-care & lounging

more loungeing

POV & walking

travel & outdoors

and much more inside the b-roll bank...

video vault

Videos that are perfect to use as b-roll in your content!

To widen the video content available; In the club you’ll find videos, carefully selecteed and curated inside the VIDEO VAULT, with a selection of that is constantly growing with our collections of aesthetic video content for you to use in the reels & tiktok templates!

More videos and collections dropping regularly in the club.





dazzling drinks

Shadowy Spectacle

Decadent Drinks

style selection

Level up the look on your account!

In the club you’ll find our STYLE SELECTION, where you can find your style, or level up the look you already have.

Choose from our curated color palettes to make sure your account look professional. And apply them to our custom template packs. Our templates are optimized to look good in every aspect of use. For example, our reel covers look perfect both in the reels tab AND in the feed. Every detail is carefully thought through.

Peek inside the style selection
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Why use these templates instead of regular Canva templates?

There are great templates in the Canva template library – but they’re not a complete branded set. You want your templates to have a cohesive look, and work well together, not just look pretty separately. Using random templates from Canva will give your feed a messy look – and that is not a good first impression. That’s why we continue to drop templates matching each of our sets!

Immediate access

You get immediate access to Reel Covers, Story Covers and Story Buttons for all of these sets in the Style Selection, and new templates are dropping in 3 weeks (only for members)!

Imagine... your account can

start looking like this today! look like this tomorrow! get a complete refresh!

look 1
look 2
look 3
look 4
look 5
look 6
10 Unique Story Covers

BONUS: 10 Unique Story Covers to match your brand while you share reels to stories. Of course these are, just like the templates, 100% customizable – so you can match them to your brand!

10 Story Button templates

EXTRA BONUS: 10 Story Button templates to easily add ‘on-brand’ call-to-action buttons to stories. These buttons also work great with the link sticker 🤩


As a member, you get extra bonuses long the way!

Next drop is in a week – and some of the drops coming up are: seamless carousel templates (that are perfect to use for pinned posts), post templates (that are perfect to use when you want to take time off social media), social media profile checklist + more!

celebrate with me!

extra bonus!

To celebrate going from 0 to 120k in a year, on my account @by.Annie.N, I’m giving everyone who joins an extra pack of 20 customizable Reels covers that I designed 🎉

But why are reels covers important?

‘On-brand’ reels covers help you build your brand with a strong brand recognition – but more on that with the weekly emails you’ll receive with tips when you’re new in the club – you’ll get extra tips on how to improve your profile beyond just creating videos!

Our websites are not in any way sponsored, promoted, administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook or Meta or TikTok.

Trends refers to “Trends” or “Trending audio” etc. in our marketing. The trends are curated by us, and what we deem trendy or believe is about to be trendy. 

We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent the educational and helpful value our memberships and products (our “Products”) provide. As with any other educational program or DIY templates, individual results will vary based on capacity, skills, financial condition, education, motivation, experience, changes in the market, and other factors, and we therefore cannot guarantee that you will grow your social media or earn any money by implementing the tools and techniques provided in our Products – The results depend on YOUR application and use of the Products, but we do offer a ’90 day money back guarantee’ that entitles you to a full refund of your payment for the first 3 months of Pro, provided you have adhered to the terms outlined in our Terms of Purchase (here).

*Keep in mind that there could be restrictions on audio. We do not guarantee the audio or any features we recommend will be available to your account, as Instagram or TikTok may restrict audios or other features to your account or to the location of your account.

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